About Haven Denver - Downtown Denver Nail Salon
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About Haven


Haven is the newest, most beautiful (okay, so we are a little biased) nail salon in downtown Denver. The interior was thoughtfully designed for style, comfort, and exceptional hygiene.


We make it our business to understand our customer’s needs. Upon your first visit, we’ll ask a few questions to get to know what you like and how you like it. Your preferences will be saved in our database so the next time you come in, we can hit the ground running to give you the service you expect and the relaxation you desire.



Monday: closed
Tuesday – Thursday: 10-7
Friday: 9-7
Saturday/Sunday: 9-5

Our Commitment To Hygiene


My staff and I are germaphobes and neat freaks, which works in your favor. All of our buffers and files are one-use and the tools we use on your hands and feet are sterilized in an autoclave (i.e. dental / medical grade sterilization equipment) after every single use.


But, wait, wait, there’s more! Our resin pedicure bowls are not attached to any plumbing so there is no chance of bacteria sneaking into the bowl via a dirty pipe connection. Plus, this makes the bowls a thousand times easier to get crystal clean because there are no scary holes like the jetted tubs at most salons have.


We are committed to consistently providing the most hygienic environment possible so you can fully relax and enjoy the experience!